Is there any delivery fee?

No. Our Speed Delivery Service is totally free of charge.

Where do you deliver?

To be able to preserve our freshly cooked meals quality we deliver to a 4km radius from our kitchen, as shown in the map below.

Delivery Area Casa Ranieri (4km radius)

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What are your opening times?

We take orders at these times (or anytime if you book in advance):
Monday: 12:00-14:30 | 17:30-21-30
Tuesday: 12:00-14:30 | 17:30-21-30
Wednesday: 12:00-14:30 | 17:30-21-30
Thursday: 12:00-14:30 | 17:30-21-30
Friday: 12:00-14:30 | 17:30-21-30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Lunch Closed | 17:30-21-30

How long does it take to get the food to my door?

An average delivery takes 45 minutes. Sometimes might be more, sometimes might be less (we’re more into food quality than into speed delivery, so if you need your food to be delivered with a precise deadline we strongly encourage you to book in advance).

You just have to allow us for properly cooking each dish, because good food takes its time.

We pack every order as soon as it’s cooked and immediately send for delivery.

With our Speed Delivery Service you can expect to have your meal 45 minutes after placing your order online.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Fast Delivery?

Check your postcode

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