Slow cooking is imperative when you want to balance lightness with tastiness and achieve perfection in Healthy Gourmet cooking and lifestyle.

We slow cook all our fish, meat and vegetables using low temperature advanced techniques to preserve all ingredients and their natural nutrients. This allows us to preserve their flavour along with their lightness, by reducing the need for additional seasoning (i.e. oil, salt, etc.).

All of this is made possible thanks to our Chef Simona Ranieri’s twenty years experience and thanks to the excellent quality of all our ingredients (find out more about Simona here).

In addition to this, we are fully aware that using top quality cookware* is an essential condition for healthy cooking. Our die cast, High Grade aluminum pots and pans allow cooking temperature to remain the same along the surface, thus providing a perfect low-temperature cooking process, which is imperative when you want to achieve a high level of healthiness and lightness. Furthermore, this High Grade aluminum manufacturing process along with the 100% inorganic water based coating make all of our pots and pans safe from releasing any harmful substances.

Slow Cooking Healthy Food

To us eating healthy means living healthy.

In the end it’s all about loving what you do. And loving the people who are around you. In this regard our slow cooking philosophy is crucial and this is the reason why we worked so hard to develop these skills.

This adds to our philosophy of bringing top quality healthy food to everyone, which is only possible through delivery by avoiding the costs of setting up costly venues and having fancy waiters.

We just focus on the product (i.e. top quality ingredients), the tools (i.e. top quality appliances and tools) and the technique (slow cooking).

Try any of our dishes to find out what this means in practice.

RISOLI - Dr-Green Cookware

Dr. Green Cookware – By Risolì

*To learn more about the cookware that allows us to reach slow cooking perfection click here.