Simona Ranieri is a very well recognized Chef in Italy.

Author of books, trainer and, most of all, experienced Chef, she has been developing her Naturally Gluten Free cooking skills for the last 16 years.

She was raised in her family’s restaurant kitchen, Il Torrione, where she spent her afternoons since the age of six. What initially was just a game soon turned into a job as she found herself helping her father in waiting tables and managing the room in what then was the most renowned fish restaurant in Vasto, Abruzzo.

Growing up it was totally natural for her to develop a passion for cooking which eventually led to an actual work very soon, as her mother retired and she took over Il Torrione kitchen, in 2005.

The first big turn in her career was 13 years ago, when she discovered she was coeliac. This made her rethink her whole concept of cooking and eventually led her to develop her Naturally Gluten Free philosophy, marking a big difference from all she had experienced before.

So far, she’s been working on developing her signature style of cooking, made of fresh organic ingredients, carefully selecting the finest foods that come free of gluten in nature and assembling deliciously nourishing meals which aim to fulfill everybody, celiac or not.

This philosophy is now summed up in her motto, which she always tells with a smile: “It’s gluten free, but no one has to notice!”



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